Jeweled Flip Flops are the perfect summer accessory, whether going to the beach, just hanging out by the pool, or even for something to wear out to lunch. Twisted Heart Flip Flops feature a jewel heart that is stitched to the spot on top where the toes are separated. These Twisted Heart Flip Flops are made from a comfortable material and will create a fashion trend in summer footwear.

The Twisted Heart Jeweled Flip Flops come in silver, pink and white, and the design sets them and the wearer apart from the traditional seasonal flip-flop. While the Royal Plush Flip Flops in Pink Fleur de Lis is a pretty, innovative take on the traditional flip flop. Featuring a strap decorated with little crystals, these Royal Plush Flip Flops bear the trademark emblem of Royal Plush, letting everyone know that you appreciate quality and style in your lounge wear. The Royal Plush Flip Flops in Pink Fleur de Lis is representative of this company's ability to bring panache to simple designs.

Royal Plush also sell a gorgeous Hoodie which features a drawstring decorated with matching gold beads, giving this casual wear a little extra sophistication.

The Twisted Heart black wedge makes a striking pair of shoes when worn with a summery dress or billowy skirt, and the jewel-encrusted toe is a glistening stylish addition that really makes this a versatile piece of footwear. The Twisted Heart Logo is printed on the heel, and let's everyone know that the woman wearing them is someone who has an appreciation for haute couture, even in casual summer shoes. These jeweled Flip Flops are a must have for any fashionista's closet, as they make a perfect accessory for all kinds of different occasions where comfort is key. Twisted Heart Flip Flops are representative of the creativity and unique style that Twisted Heart brings to their entire clothing line, providing that personal touch and attention to fine details that set them apart from other designers. Twisted Heart also offer hoodies, shorts and tees that feature exceptional designs and soft materials that give a whole new level to quality and panache.

Royal Plush Flip Flops are a perfect accessory to the Royal Plush Hoodie for a casual outfit that can be worn out to brunch or just a day out walking. Twisted Heart Flip Flops are also available in a wedge that offers a larger jewel and come in a delicious chocolate brown. Twisted Heart Flip Flops and wedges are a perfect compliment to the rest of the Twisted Heart line, which features casual clothing with edgy sophistication.

Twisted Heart Jeweled Flip flops and Royal Plush Flip Flops are both available at many high end boutiques and online at your favorite dot com

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