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Havaianas In Italy

Posted by danushka on Wednesday, August 31, 2011,

Havaianas meets Foot!

Among all the countries in the world Italy is the only one shaped like a foot. And when Havaianas sees foot, Havaianas sees flip-flops. Yes, finally Havaianas Italy is now in the business.

Italy is famous for so many reasons, one is good food and great. Second is that it is the home Mercedes Benz and Lamborghini. And third is because of the footwear they make. So the king of footwear - Havaianas- has returned home.
After a few centuries of venturing over th...

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How to Choose Canadian Havaianas?

Posted by danushka on Wednesday, August 31, 2011,

There are many types of footwear that are available for women to choose from. It all depends on the design that one prefers best and what the occasion is that they want to put them on. Havaianas is one type of footwear for women that are usually in the design of a sandal and it is usually preferred by women during the summer season because it does not generate much heat. These are flip flops that are usually very comfortable especially if worn in the right time and if one wants...

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Havaianas Spain

Posted by danushka on Wednesday, August 31, 2011,

Hola amigos! Havaianas Spain is taking over the footwear world of la patria, España. To all you muchachas and muchachos out there, Havaianas brings you the the hottest - caliente como infierno - pair of flip-flops in the world. Havaianas Spain is now here to give your feet the taste of cielo. So relax and let the comfort take you to the abyss.

El Reino de España is a place to visit. You can go to operas and parties on your classy, sleek and elegant Havaianas shoes. But Havaian...

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Havaianas Finland

Posted by danushka on Wednesday, August 31, 2011,

Cold? Put on Havaianas.

Finland, the coldest place on earth and. But it's about to get really hot now that Havaianas Finland is in the here! Everyone will crave for the warmth and comfort that Havaianas provides.

Finland has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. In fact, it's home to the largest selling cell phone brand in the world. So, it's about right that we put in Havaianas - the King of flip-flop country. Havaianas lays its gifts and presents to both the Finni...

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