Hola amigos! Havaianas Spain is taking over the footwear world of la patria, España. To all you muchachas and muchachos out there, Havaianas brings you the the hottest - caliente como infierno - pair of flip-flops in the world. Havaianas Spain is now here to give your feet the taste of cielo. So relax and let the comfort take you to the abyss.

El Reino de España is a place to visit. You can go to operas and parties on your classy, sleek and elegant Havaianas shoes. But Havaianas is not just for the special or formal occasions. It's commonly used outdoors. So, slip on your flip-flops and visit Alhambra in Granada. Or be on your Havaianas shoes and go to Andalucia and visit the Sierra Navada Mountains. Another great thing about Spain is the fiesta. An array of colors and lively streets are what to expect in this celebrations. So get on your flip flops and get wild with the crowd in this time of festivities. After a day of festivals and sceneries, it is time for a cold bottle of beer and the unique Tapas.

Tapas is usually made of pickles on cocktail sticks, cheeses and hams, homely omelettes, baby earthenware casseroles with sizzling hot dishes and generous mayonnaise toppings. Make sure that you have your Havaianas on when you eat this snack, the comfort you get from your feet multiplies the reaction of senses of the taste buds so that you will be taken oblivion.

The next morning try greeting the sol (sun) with a trip to Tenerife and witness the strange volcanic formations. Then get ready to shout your lungs out by watching the best football team in Europe play. Yup, that's right. It's Real Madrid. And before you leave Spain, make sure to wear your Havaianas shoes and get ready to run with the toros amigo. It's the celebration at Pamplona to run with the bull - some people usually get injured or worse, killed by the stampede.

So get your adrenaline pumping. Get on your Havaianas.

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