Havaianas meets Foot!

Among all the countries in the world Italy is the only one shaped like a foot. And when Havaianas sees foot, Havaianas sees flip-flops. Yes, finally Havaianas Italy is now in the business.

Italy is famous for so many reasons, one is good food and great. Second is that it is the home Mercedes Benz and Lamborghini. And third is because of the footwear they make. So the king of footwear - Havaianas- has returned home.
After a few centuries of venturing over the globe, always looking for a way to make the ultimate footwear, Havaianas returned home successfully. Havaianas is now here to take pride with Italy's tested and proven way of making custom footwear. These centuries old way of making footwear is now applied on the most durable and comfortable material there is. And the result? Havaianas Italy is now born.

Italy does not only offer footwear. It's cultures and traditions, especially when it comes to religion, are very strong indeed. One of the most popular places in Italy is Rome. In here the Roman Empire stood firm with their footwear shining with gold. And one of the famous structures here is the Coliseum where the gladiators fight to the death. Another thing about Italy is the great works of art. Some of the greatest paintings are here. So take a trip around Italy - on your pair of Havaianas- and maybe you could find some great inspirations for the design of your customized flip-flop. And when the day ends, eat some good food, savor your aged wine and be taken away to bliss by the comfort of your Havaianas.

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