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The Long and Comfortable Havaianas Walk

Posted by danushka on Wednesday, August 31, 2011,

The Brazilian footwear brand Havaianas began its journey in 1962 when a Sao Paulo based footwear manufacturer Alpargatas decided to expand its range by introducing zori, a sandal version of the Japanese flip flop. Since comfort and durability were the topmost priorities, the manufacturers replaced the original straw with rubber and the outcome was an economical range of footwear limited to being used by the lower strata of society.

During the early years, it was quantity rather ...

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Getting the Kids Havaianas

Posted by danushka on Wednesday, August 31, 2011,

In spite of the Kids Havaianas collecting lots of names that people can use, they are comfy while at the same time affordable. The variety of differentiations is insurmountable and one can get whichever taste that best meets the needs. As a result of this popularity, one can get a unique pair for the kids. This comes in different shapes and designs due to the different needs of the kids. It is important that one considers a few factors before making the purchase.

The first thin...

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