The Long and Comfortable Havaianas Walk

August 31, 2011

The Brazilian footwear brand Havaianas began its journey in 1962 when a Sao Paulo based footwear manufacturer Alpargatas decided to expand its range by introducing zori, a sandal version of the Japanese flip flop. Since comfort and durability were the topmost priorities, the manufacturers replaced the original straw with rubber and the outcome was an economical range of footwear limited to being used by the lower strata of society.

During the early years, it was quantity rather than quality which determined the success of the business and the fact that the Havaianas were selling as many as thousands of pairs every day was enough of a reason for various other companies to join the fray. Having found itself surrounded by competition, it was with a bid to survive and prove its authenticity that the company launched a legitimacy campaign in the 1970s'.

Havaianas finally tasted phenomenal success in 1994 when it broke the class barriers and gained popularity with the middle and upper classes as well. This was attributed to a number of reasons and while some accord credit to foreign patronage many others believe that it was due to the changes in the design. The opportunity was capitalized on well by the organization which introduced its monochromatic sandals in 1996 and soon established itself as a national brand by spreading its reaches to even the farthest possible corners.

The turn of the century brought forth new frontiers for the organization to conquer as the Havaianas successfully transformed from a national brand to an international one enjoying the reverence of high profile celebrities, models and fashionistas. In the current era, this footwear can be spotted almost everywhere like a universal factor whether it is a casual outing, a formal occasion like the Oscars or a wedding.

What makes Havaianas a global brand is the wide range of footwear it offers to its customers. All it takes is a visit to the store or a specialty outlet and one need not limit the shopping to one's favorite pain of Havaiana shoes but also explore other categories like shoes and flip-flops stylized with artificial beads and diamonds, slippers, sandals and Havaianas accessories.

While the comfort is guaranteed by the rubber blend and the strong plastic, the versatility factor is ensured by the interchangeable thongs which can be chosen in two styles namely single toe posts and sling backs. In addition, the wide array of designs ensure that on settling down for this brand the client not only ends up with the most comfortable pair of footwear but the most unique as well.

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Getting the Kids Havaianas

August 31, 2011

In spite of the Kids Havaianas collecting lots of names that people can use, they are comfy while at the same time affordable. The variety of differentiations is insurmountable and one can get whichever taste that best meets the needs. As a result of this popularity, one can get a unique pair for the kids. This comes in different shapes and designs due to the different needs of the kids. It is important that one considers a few factors before making the purchase.

The first thin...

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