Ever wondered what it would be like to walk without shoes? Well it is entirely possible; our great grandparents did it and bare foot people are a common site at most Beaches. However, we need shoes to protect our feet. Our feet are very important parts of our bodies and without them; we would barely be able to walk around. The kinds of shoes you are accustomed to wearing determine the level of comfortability and ease with which you will walk. If you are a person who gets around on foot constantly and require casual comfortable shoes then Havaianas are what you should get.

Sandals or flip flops as they are known are a quite popular choice of footwear not only because of the level of comfortability they provide but also because they are relatively cheap compared to other types of footwear. Whether they are used as everyday footwear, occasional footwear to promote sanitary measures in the bathrooms or on beaches; Havaianas are here to stay. They come in different shapes, sizes and designs.

There are simple Havaianas commonly used indoors and most commonly in shared bathroom facilities to enhance sanitary conditions. However, trendy multicolored and intricately designed Havaianas have quickly gained popularity as outdoor wear and beach wear. The trendy sandals spot different appealing colors, added sponginess to provide maximum comfort and protection to the soles of feet and added heels for women who like a little heel on their shoes. They are lavishly designed and some include artificial diamonds laid across the Y-shaped foot support or eye catching beads also placed on the Y-shaped foot support. They come in numerous prints including; animal and prints among many other printed patterns.

The notable thing about Havaianas is that they cut across all age groups as a popular choice of casual footwear. It is quite possible to spot an old man wearing them and encounter a teenager spotting trendy ones. They also come in little sizes for babies. Most don't last over a year but with extra padding and support, they could serve the wearer through a long period. They are quite easy to clean compared to other footwear. All they need is normal washing with soap and water. However, care has to be exercised with the printed or embellished ones to avoid ruining the patterns or embellishments. Storing them couldn't be any easier; they easily fit in minimal closet spaces and can pretty much fit into any handbag. This is a great advantage for ladies who constantly spend the entire day walking in high heels and need a breather at some point during the day. Men are not left out and their Havaianas give them a chance to kick off their everyday shoes for comfortable footwear especially indoors.

Havaianas are practically found in every footwear stores including supermarkets and recently they have invaded online stores.

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