A toddler's first step is perhaps one of the most important occurrences to a young child, as well as to a parent. Those first steps are the very first independent things that the child will ever experience. It is a once in a lifetime moment. There will never be a second first step. To the parent it is a step towards the Childs future. It is as important as graduation day, a marriage, or a grandchild. Being such an important moment in time, one has to consider every aspect of it beforehand. You would not want to get married without making sure that everything is ready would you. The same holds true for the child. You will want to be prepared.

Fortunately, there is one item that can prepare your child to walk All you need is a pair of toddler sandals or flip flops. Children learn by example, particularly the toddler aged kids. They learn to speak as they are spoken to. They learn to walk as they watch you, the parent, as you walk. Therefore, it is only logical that when you put on your shoes, they automatically affiliate that with walking. After all, that is what you do when you don your sandals.

If a child is at the age where he should begin to attempt to walk and he does not seem to want to, try getting him or her a pair of toddler flip-flops or sandals. Help them put them on. Do not do it alone, but use their hands to do it. This also is part of the learning process. Once the shoes are on, you might be surprised at how badly the child wants to try them out. He or she will be walking before you know it.

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