Since it is almost impossible to quote the origination of the shoe, it is equally impossible to quote the origination of the flip flop. There are several cases in history among different culture, where the flip flop, or shoes closely similar in design are seen. Most publications seem to agree, that the history of the flip flop seems to be dominated in the Eastern culture's history of countries like China and New Zealand. The history of the flip flop, spans far past even that, where there is evidence in the art of places like Egypt. In the hieroglyphics and other artistic pieces that derive from Egypt, many times one can notice a Egyptian figure wearing something on their feet that is close to the design of a flip flop.

However, in many of the cultures of countries such as these, you will never read or hear of the flip flop being referred to as a flip flop. The history of the flip flop begins at the sandal. Many of the earlier cultures, would refer to their shoe as the sandal, even though the design and the function of the shoe was similar to the flip flop.

Mostly, the history of the flip flop can be consider to begin when people began to refer to the sandal that had no back as the flip flop. The term "flip flop" comes from the sound that the shoe made. These types of sandals indeed had no back that would support the ankle, or prevented the shoe from continuously detaching from the foot. People would describe the sound of the attaching and detaching as a "flip flop". In effect, the sandal began to be referred to as just that, the "flip flop".

As Western culture began to explode and spread throughout the world, the history of the flip flop seem to begin with it. The flip flop became a popular footwear for hot days, and it became and expected footwear for beach and park recreational activities. Now in the 21st Century, as fashion grows to depict styles and to create icons, the history of the flip flop is beginning to involve into something so wide range, that it is "flip flopping" into a category all its own.

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