Who says havaianas are not made for babies? The Baby Flip Flops are so cute that even your little darlings cannot resist to wear this not just only on a pool but for all occasions. With colorful designs made by the same soft rubber ingredient this flip flops would surely capture the heart of the young ones. It comes with an elastic soft heel sling strap for less flopping with fine smooth interior foot bed, this fun loving colorful havaianas would not surely lose its way into their little owners' footsies no matter how busy and clumsy the littlest kids can become. From plain-lighted colored to dark colored ones and to colorful designs and prints, have your little cuties match them with their cute dress or pajamas.

You can also have them customize with a few Swarovski crystal so that your little bay lady would feel the glamour of being a chick at an early age. Make their achievement become even more meaningful as they would try their first step to walk around with style and comfort.

Tiny feet just look cute in Baby Flip Flops Havaianas. Cute, tiny and trendy; Comfort and beauty this flip flops are truly for the little ones-they are very washable and easy to dry too. So have those little feet of your young ones get an early on how life can be like a walk in the park . And ooh, we guarantee you that this is genuine. So no need to panic four our flip flops are safe and has no lead content on it. Trust us; your little beauties are safe on our feet!

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