The flip flop sandal is a sole that attaches to the foot with a v-shaped thong that attaches on either side of the foot and between the big toe and the second toe. There is no strap at the back of the foot, so the sandal moves up and down against the foot as you walk. This action gives the sandal the name "flip flop" for the action. It is primarily footwear for warm beaches and pool sides. They originate from Japanese woven sandals that caught on in New Zealand.

Flip flops are popular among young males and females. They can be worn with any combination of clothing because of their simplicity. The typical outfit includes jeans and flip flops along with almost any top. In warm climates, they are everyday attire to some people's dismay. It appears that flip flops are seen as the most informal form of footwear. This was made a public issue in 2005 when Northwestern University's women's lacrosse team won the national championship and was asked to visit the white house. Their attire included flip flops, which was the subject of many news reports there after. It was concluded that flip flops had made there presence known much like when blue jeans first emerged in the mainstream acceptability.

For everyday wear, flip flops are criticized for falling apart, particularly where the strap between the toes meets the sole. This is due to the fact that they are originally a beach shoe that was not worn on a regular basis. Anyone who wished to wear flip flops everyday could purchase new ones regularly because of their inexpensive pricing. Today, there are many flip flops of better quality and do not fall apart for many years. This quality has also helped the sandal become an everyday piece of footwear.

Besides style, flip flops serve purposes of health concerns. When wearing flip flops there is a much less chance of getting a fungal infection like athlete's foot. It has also become standard footwear of military soldiers and college students in communal showers where it also offers protection against fungal infection. The flip flop is a sandal that has stood the test of time, and it appears that they are here to stay for now.

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