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Why Flip Flops Are The Greatest Sandal

Posted by danushka on Wednesday, August 31, 2011,

The flip flop sandal is a sole that attaches to the foot with a v-shaped thong that attaches on either side of the foot and between the big toe and the second toe. There is no strap at the back of the foot, so the sandal moves up and down against the foot as you walk. This action gives the sandal the name "flip flop" for the action. It is primarily footwear for warm beaches and pool sides. They originate from Japanese woven sandals that caught on in New Zealand.

Flip flops ...

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Reef Fanning Bottle Opener Flip Flop Sandals - Be the Most Sought After Girl at the Party

Posted by danushka on Wednesday, August 31, 2011,

Have you ever heard of Reef Fanning bottle opener flip flop sandals? If you haven't, then you have just got to read this review. These sandals are so cool and you will most definitely be the one at the party that everyone is looking for. Why you may ask? This is because these sandals have a built in bottle opener in the bottom of the shoe.

These sandals are the best in beach party wear because they are made out of water resistant nubuck leather, so it does not matter if you get ...

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