When it comes to summer time many people can get confused on when they should wear sandals and when they should wear flip flops. You will want to make sure that you know when each one is appropriate. This will keep you from wishing that you had worn one or the other when you see everyone else wearing a certain type shoe. Being that it is summer time the first situation we will cover is the beach.

Being that the beach had a lot of sand and you will be constantly taking your shoes off to get in the water you will likely find that flip flops are going to be more appropriate. You will also find that they are generally made of some form of plastic and this great for situations like the beach were they might get wet. You don't want to ruin your shoes but you want shoes that you can easily wash off when they have sand stuck to them. So in this setting flip flops are certainly a better option.

When you are simply making a trip into town during the summer you will find that sandals are going to look better than flip flops. Generally sandals cost more and look better with more outfits. You just want to make sure you are not taking them where they have to be washed down constantly because of sand or mud. You can wear sandals to the store with your favorite sundress for a look that would be amazing. You will also find that these will still do a great job of keep your feet cool during the hot summer months.

The other place that you need to consider is the pool. You will find that here both types of shoes would be okay. However, if you are wearing sandals you want them to be a type that can easily come off and on. This is because you will probably be taking them off and putting them back on a good bit. You might be walking around the pool and need your shoes to protect your feet from the hot concrete. You should also remember if it is a shoe you don't want to get wet then don't take it to a pool or beach because you never know what could happen with all the water.

So when it comes to sandals and flip flops for the most part you have control over which one you would like to wear. However, there are some situations like the beach and the pool where flip flops would seem to be the most logical. Sandals are cute and you will want to show them off with your favorite outfits at maybe the carnival or in town. However, flip flops can be worn in town too. You will really just need to decide on the preference that is going to be best for you. Remember though if you don't want a shoe getting wet keep it away from places where there is water.

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