Have you ever heard of Reef Fanning bottle opener flip flop sandals? If you haven't, then you have just got to read this review. These sandals are so cool and you will most definitely be the one at the party that everyone is looking for. Why you may ask? This is because these sandals have a built in bottle opener in the bottom of the shoe.

These sandals are the best in beach party wear because they are made out of water resistant nubuck leather, so it does not matter if you get them wet. Even if you think you won't ever use the built in bottle opener, this fun addition makes for a great conversation piece, and you never know when a bottle opener might come in handy.

Reef Fannings have a contoured, arch supported footbed and airbag cushioning in the heel to make them the most comfortable sandals you'll ever wear. Plus if you have trouble wearing thong sandals because you don't like anything between your toes, these shoes will change your mind. They are unlike any other flip flops you will ever wear as far as comfort goes, even between your toes.

Not only are these sandals comfortable and durable but they are available in seven fashionable colors. Multi, which is a white shoe with pink, yellow and teal details. Brown and pink, brown and pink swirl, black and silver, black and white with dots, blue plaid and light pink and grey.

If you are looking for the perfect beach sandal for this summer, Reef Fannings has it all. Plus think of all the fun you'll have when you are at a party and someone needs a bottle opener.

Better hurry to get your Reef Fanning bottle opener sandals before they are out of stock. You can find the best deals and a huge selection at Reefs Womens Sandals. Also see the top Reef sandals of 2010.

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