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Want to see the Pope in Vatican? Eager to witness the Football Cups? Dying to Drink the tastiest beers? Then you would kill to have Havaianas.

Havaianas will take you on a Euro trip. First stop, Greece. This is where the famous Phidippides (or Philippides) made his run from Athens to Sparta. If only Havaianas were discovered earlier, then he could have run a longer distance. Next, we go the sacred place, Vatican City-it is the smallest country and has the least population. Hence, they would not let you in without wearing your Havaianas sandals. After Vatican, we go to London - the royals are here. And so is Havaianas.

Next we have Belgium - we get drunk, we get to a fight, stumble back to our hotels, fall on the way to the stairs, break our legs and knock our heads only to wake up the net day with flip flops still on our feet. Talk about a perfect fit! So now, we have to return home - a child to its mother and a flip-flop to a foot. Guess what, we are at Italy. Europeans loved Havaianas so much that they carved Italy into a foot to pay tribute to the King of flip flops - Havaianas.

And as a rightful king, Havaianas will not let his people stay in vain. Give credit to where it is due and give Havaianas to Europe.

So now, we are happy to inform everyone that Havaianas flip-flops would be taking over Europe. We already have stores across the continent ready serve the needs and wants of every deserving pair of feet in Europe. We have everything you need from sexy, stylish shoes to versatile sandals, to the famous flip-flops. Plus, we let you customize designs for your footwear. All of these and much more at Havaianas Europe. Prices will be in Euros.

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Getting the Right Havaianas

Getting a classic foam flip-flops could be a great way to achieve a desirable feel especially in the summer. They are classic and offer the desired aeration to the feet. However, the wrong choice can easily lead to frustrations due to dissatisfaction. Some people spend lots of money trying to get a reliable pair of flip-flops with no avail. One of the best ones that one can use today is the Havaianas.

Havaianas is a brand that is well renowned across the globe and can be found in over sixty different countries. They have distinctive features that are a favorite of many people for both comfort and fashion. Mostly, they can be found with the textured rice pattern on their sole and a variety of designs and colors on the upper. They originated from Brazil and have spread diversely within a short period. However, due to the great selection that exists, most people find it hard to get the type that best fits them.

The size of the flip-flops is an important aspect that ought to be considered. The wrong choice can lead to quick tarnish or even ruining ones fit leave alone the impression. The decisions have to be made prior to any purchase. One can make a few considerations to ease the maze. The first step in determining the right choice is getting the U.S. foot size and traces your feet on a paper. Get the distance between the two longest points using a ruler and reduce the number by 5 millimeters. The resultant number is what to use when determining the right shoe. One can use any of the sizing charts to get the right shoe. The measurements attained can be converted to European size or whichever size one desires.

The right style of the shoe has to be determined. This aspect dictates how good or awkward one will look. It is imperative that one goes through the list of Havainas and chooses one that lies within their tastes/ lifestyle. It makes no sense in purchasing something that one might never put on. The decent styles and ones that lies within ones taste should therefore be chosen. This will help augment the impression as well as help last longer.

The quality of the item to be bought has also to be considered. The Havaianas have gained lots of popularity across the globe. As a result of this, new manufacturers have stepped in to compete with others using the brand name with their low quality products. This can be frustrating if the wrong choice is made. To help in avoiding this, it is advised to make the purchase from a reputable store. This will help avoid being exploited. Counter the reputation of the target store and take some time in evaluating the flip-flop to be bought.

The USA havaianas is one of the best pair of flip-flops that one can ever buy. The USA havaianas come in different styles and colors to fit in perfectly in ones lifestyle.

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Havaianas Footwear

In the movie Underworld I and II, the lead actor played a role of neither a vampire nor a lycan (werewolf). He was a half-breed, part vampire, part lycan yet stronger than both. This is what Havaianas footwear is. It is a breed of the future with the sophisticated ways of the past. Take the technology of the future, create the most durable and comfortable material, and mold it upon elegance and glamour of the princes and princesses of the past. What you will have is the present - the gift known as Havaianas.

Take the yummy peanut butter and the delicious jelly, then sandwich them between slices of bread and you will have an even better tasting product. It suites and pleases every tongue that tastes it. Like the sandwich, Havaianas is an explosion of flavors which bombards all the senses. Get ready to be covered in glamour, and set the trend. Havaianas is not just footwear, it's a fashion statement!

Choose from a varied selection of shoes, sandals, and flip-flops. Can't get enough? We have a collection of Party flip flops made with Swarovski crystal breading so you can get together with your sissies in style. And that's not even the half of it, because now we have flip-flops for your kids. These flip-flops will take your children to the milestones ahead of them. For those who want to get wet in elegance, beach shoes and sandals are just waiting for you to pick them up.

Havaianas has so many branches worldwide. If your country does not have one, please contact us and see how you can take advantage of these wonderful Flip-flops.

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